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Eugen Vizitiu

Eugen Bogdan Vizitiu

Is a Romanian-born immigrant who made Canada his home in 2006.

An alumnus of St. Lawrence College in Kingston – year of 2010 – where he studied Business Administration, he has a long-standing interest in technology, entrepreneurship, and politics and he practices constant self-education and personal improvement. He has made a career in the Canadian banking industry, where he started during his college days, and is currently a Senior Analyst in Technology and Operations for one of the major Canadian financial institutions.

He is drawing on the leadership models of his two grandfathers, decorated WWII veterans, and a long family history of what can be described as a mix of classical liberalism and conservatism. From an early age, and against the odds in a communist Romania, he consolidated personal core values such as individual freedom – where the free speech is essential, personal accountability, equality, respect for others, for private property and tradition. It is these values that brought his family persecution from the communist regime, an ideology
Eugen experienced first-hand and frontal until the Iron Curtain fell. That was an awakening moment where he saw and lived through the transformation from a closed society to the freedom and prosperity that Western values can really bring upon.
His decision to become a founding member of the People’s Party of Canada was motivated by the fact that he wanted to help build a better alternative for hard-working, usually quiet and over-polite Canadian voters who often times do not or cannot make their voices heard. It all started after he became a Canadian citizen and could not identify himself in the directions

 taken by any political party on the Canadian spectrum. Although ideologically he could find common grounds with some of them, he believes that in their actions they strayed too much on the left spectrum: support for dwindling freedom of thought and speech, allowing interference of non-Canadian institutions and groups of interest in the sovereign decisions, push for oversized and over-interfering government, over-taxation and careless spending, disregard to the impediments on inter-provincial or international free trade, etc. These, to name a few, are directions that Eugen believes are not conducive of a sustainable and prosperous Canadian future and puts our country on a failure course sooner or later. They also remind him too much of the extreme-left ideology he experienced in his early years and would like to work hard to correct their course.

So, when the opportunity arose under Mr. Maxime Beriner’s leadership, Eugen became an active member of the grassroots movement that promised to deliver politics based on principles and values to which to stay true: The People’s Party of Canada. A different way of doing politics but, to him and the like-minded people who joined this endeavor, the only way of doing politics.

Website: www.evppc.ca 

Email: ev.lakeshore@gmail.com


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